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Oh fuhh..Laughing in Class.

That was really fucking weird, but so true. Might have exaggerated it but, that's what cartoons are for. Good stuff, short and to the point.

Happy Endings..hell yeah.

I splooged ;D
That was some good content, I never seen any story like this before.

Fucked up, but good.

A fucked up theme but overall it was great. Animation was good and the music fitted in well. Respect you as in artist but as a person idk.

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Poor Kid..

haha the dalm dude, this game is very smooth. I like the idea that you can create levels. Adding that kid on the back with his dad, wow funny s**t. Great work.

This game is like a sponge...sucks up your life.

I've been playing this game for f***ing hours now. This f***er has had my ass on this chair. I've always seen the icon for this game on the side, but I thought it was going to suck. But then I kept seeing it on the "Best Of All Time" category and I'm like wtf? So I had to try this s*** out. I started to play in Africa, and at first, I was, this s*** is racist and I began to laugh. I though I was going to get bored after the first 10 minutes, but I can't stop playing. This s*** is funny and worth the time I've been playing it. I looked what McD does, and just started to bust out laughing, he is s***ting out his burgers xD. Also MJ, wtf xD. He is f***ing s*** up by moonwalking his way around the map and taking out civilians. Oh my goodness dude. This game is Epic ad f***. One of the best internet games I played in my life. Kudos for keeping it retro, addicting, and funny as f***. All starts for ya.


I play this game like freaking everyday! I've always been a big fan since the first one, but this game just makes the first one look like for noobs. This is was the veterans of POM play >:] The only thing im having problems with is uploading my songs. IT doesn't let me. I'm thinking it's my internet but I'm not sure. Good job!

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I don't need an explanation.

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Nice Style

Very Roy Lichtenstein

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